To a novice bettor, placing a wager on football is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is choose which team is going to win. If your chosen team comes out victorious, you win money. While this oversimplification may be useful when explaining how to get started betting on football, it is far from the only way to wager on the sport. There are a number of different football betting strategies to consider, and one of the best is a “both teams to score” bet.

What is “Both Teams to Score” Betting?

A “both teams to score” bet, also known as BTTS betting, is a great way to make money betting on football. The bet allows you to be a neutral fan since you are not necessarily betting on either team to win the match. Instead, a “both teams to score” bet pays out if both teams score at least one goal. If both teams score at least once, then you win. However, if one team scores and the other doesn’t, or if neither team scores, you lose.

BTTS betting is unique to football, as no other sport offers this betting option. It is also incredibly popular, as many bettors have found great value in the wager.

What Are Some Effective Both Teams to Score Tips?

If you are considering placing a “both teams to score” bet and want to stand a good chance of winning money over time, here are some tips to consider.

Bet on a Matchup Between Two High Scoring Teams

If two high scoring teams are facing off in a match, that is the perfect time to place a “both teams to score” bet. Each day, look through the average goals scored by each team and try to find a match where two of the higher scoring teams are playing each other.

Bet on a Matchup Between Two Bad Defenses

Conversely, if two teams with awful defenses and goalies play one another, one would think that there will be plenty of goals scored. Do the research. Try to find two teams playing each other that have lackluster defenses or inept goalies.

Check the News and Injury Report

If there is late-breaking news about a match, or a player is added to the injury report, you may be able to take advantage by placing a BTTS bet. For example, if an ace defender is a late scratch for a game, you may want to place a “both teams to score” bet because the injury will likely impact that team’s defense.

Read a Football Betting Expert’s BTTS Tips

Most football gambling experts post their expert picks daily. These experts will also provide BTTS tips, alerting bettors of possible opportunities to win some money, often including free tips and picks. Seek out a few experts you trust and follow their advice. If you cannot find a free betting expert you trust, look for paid subscription services to get premium picks. With a subscription service, you will get “both teams to score” tips and more sent directly to your email inbox.

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