Corner kicks are some of the most important plays in any football match. A corner kick occurs when the ball goes out of play over the goal line and a member of the defending team touches it last. The attacking team gets a free kick from the corner of the field closest to where the ball went out to get the ball back in play. Corner kicks provide a unique opportunity for attacking teams, allowing them to set up their offense and place the kick in such a way that they can hopefully get a good shot on the goal.

While corner kicks can be the turning point of any match, they can also be a turning point for any bettor’s luck! A corner bet is a great way to win money betting on football as long as you do research and follow the best corner betting tips.

What is a Corner Bet?

A corner bet is when you place a wager on the number of corner kicks in any given game. Many bettors like placing a corner bet on a match because the number of corner kicks for each team is much more predictable and stable than the score. There can be a lucky goal or a mistake on defense that leads to a goal and impact the final score, but if a team is dominating possession of the ball and is always on the attack, the number of corner kicks should reflect that.

How Do I Place a Corner Bet?

Most sportsbooks offer three different types of corner bets:

A Corner Bet on the Over/Under

A sportsbook will set the expected number of corners for each team. You can choose to bet whether the team will go over or under that number. For example, if the sportsbook sets the line at 9.5 corners for Team A and you bet the over, if they end up kicking 10 or more corners, you win! If they kick 9 or fewer corners, you lose the bet.

A Handicap Corner Bet

The sportsbook will create a spread of the expected corner kick margin for the match. Using statistical analysis, they provide an estimated guess of which team will have more corner kicks and how many more they will have. For example, if Team A is listed as -2.5 for corner kicks, that means they are expected to have 3 more corner kicks than Team B. In this situation, Team B will be listed at +2.5. You get to choose which side of the spread to bet on. This can be based on who you think will have more corner kicks in the game.

A Money Line Corner Bet

A money line corner bet allows you to pick straight up which team you think will have more corner kicks. Generally, you will win more money for betting on the corner underdog, and less money for betting on the favorite.

Corner Betting Tips and Strategies

If you follow these betting tips for corners, there is a lot of money to be made!

Do Your Research

First, you need to always do your research. If a team typically gets a lot of shots on goal, you can expect a lot of corners. Try to find a matchup with one team that typically takes a lot of shots on goal playing a team that gives up a lot of shots. With this pairing, you can usually rely on there being a lot of corner shots.

Bet on the Home Team

Home team advantage applies to pretty much every aspect of sports, and corner kicks are no different. Home teams generally take and win more corner kicks. Remember to take this into account when placing a bet.

Consider In-Play Betting

Once you have watched the game and have a feel for the flow of the match, you may want to consider in-play betting. Also known as live betting, this method allows you to place a corner bet in the middle of the game. Known as one of the best corner betting tips, this strategy allows you to leverage your football expertise and ability to dissect the game into a winning bet!

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