A football referee has a very difficult job. There is so much going on in a football match. It is difficult to fathom that a human being could possibly keep track of everything that is happening. With the ball flying all over the pitch and 22 players hustling in every direction, the referees could use a little assistance. That is why in 2012, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) approved the use of VAR technology in football.

VAR in football has drastically changed the game, but how has it changed gambling? If you are betting on football, should VAR change the way you place bets and approach each match?

What Does VAR Mean?

First, we need to clarify VAR’s meaning in football. VAR in football stands for video assistant referee and is the name of the instant replay review system used in football leagues around the world. The system uses goal-line technology to help referees improve their split-second decision making, allowing them to more consistently make the correct and fair call. VAR technology in football is used to assist referees in their decisions related to goals, penalties, red cards, offside, and cases of mistaken identity where the wrong player is cited for an infraction. The technology can alert referees if the goal-line technology detects a goal or not, and it can also be used to review past plays to make a more informed decision.

VAR Technology in Football and Its Effect on Sports Betting

Football fans tend to have very strong opinions about VAR technology. While some are viewing it as a great way to try to get every call correct, others see it is a big waste of time. Football bettors have an even stronger opinion.

Many bettors worry that VAR technology in football can change the outcome in some way, and in doing so, put their bets in jeopardy. While these worries may or may not be overblown, there are some things to consider when betting on a football match that uses a video assistant referee (VAR).

The Match May Be Longer

Oftentimes, the natural flow of the game is interrupted because of a stoppage to review a call. Part of what makes football “The Beautiful Game” is the fluidity of the game. If there are a lot of replay reviews, the match can lose momentum and become stagnant.

A Goal Can Be Reversed

If you are betting on a game and a goal is scored, you almost immediately feel either jubilation or despair. With VAR, you may experience a quick swing of emotions if a goal is reversed. If you are angry about the goal, the change will be welcomed with open arms. If you won your bet as a result of a goal, that bliss will quickly turn into frustration if the call is reversed.

The Inconsistent Use of VAR Can Be Frustrating

Many bettors become irritated by the seemingly inconsistent use of VAR during a match. There appears to be little rhyme or reason to when VAR is used. Many bettors have complained that they feel like all of the VAR reviews seem to go against the team they bet on. There are no strict protocols on when VAR interventions occur, and it is usually up to the discretion of the referee as to when to undergo a replay. Therefore, your bet may be up to the whim of the referees and how often they end up using VAR.

Winning Bets Can Be Overturned

If you like to make in-play bets throughout the course of the game, things can get complicated. There have been instances of bettors winning a bet and getting paid out for them, only for VAR to reverse the call and force bettors to return these winnings.

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VAR technology in football can have some impact on the outcome and may lead to some frustration for bettors. However, VAR in football is used to try to get the call right. Ultimately, every sports fan should want the game to be called as fairly and accurately as possible.

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