Before you start betting on football matches, you need to make sure you understand at least the very basic football betting rules. Even if you are a football expert who has a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the game, you will not find success placing wagers on the sport until you review all of the betting on football rules.

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The 90 Minutes Rule

Every wager you place on a football match is based on the final result after both teams have completed the scheduled 90 minutes of play. This includes any added time due to stoppages and injuries in the game. However, it does not include penalty shootouts, extra-time, or golden goal rules. There are exceptions to this rule, but unless the exception is explicitly stated when you place your wager, you should expect all results to be based on 90 minutes of play.

What If the Match I Bet on Is Postponed or Canceled?

If a match is postponed before all 90 minutes have been played, football betting rules state that any wagers on the match must be voided. This means that the amount you bet on the match will be refunded, without winning or losing money. The exception to this rule is any placed bets that have already been paid out, such as first-half wagers or game-proposition bets.

If, for any reason, a match is postponed to a different day, all bets will be voided. The lone exception to this rule is during the World Cup and other large tournaments, as all bets are binding, even if the start time is postponed to a later date.

Game Propositions

Game propositions are bets placed on individual outcomes in a specific game. This can be the combined amount of goals scored or whether an individual player will or will not score a goal as examples. For game proposition bets, also known as prop bets, all references to the score refer to the score at the end of regular time in the match. Any action in extra-time or goals scored in penalty kicks will not count towards prop bets.

Also, any prop bet on a player is binding, regardless of whether the player is active for the match or not. Therefore, if a player gets injured right before the match begins, any prop bets involving that player will still remain active.

What Happens if the Bet is a Push?

When you bet on a point spread or total and hit the exact number set as the line, it is called a “push.” For example, let’s say you bet on a team that is favored by 1 goal over their opponent. If the team you bet on ends up winning the match 1-0, that means that you did not win or lose the bet, you pushed.

In this situation, football betting rules state that your initial bet amount will be returned to you, with no possibility of winning or losing money. A push is essentially a tie between you and the sportsbook, and the only fair way to resolve a tie is to return all of your money to you.

Learn More Football Betting Rules From the Experts at SBO-Thai88

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